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Legal and institutional improvements through complaints analysis

Beyond the level of simply solving the complaint according to legislation, it promotes system improvements by discovering irrational systems related to civil petitions.
▶ Provided statistical data on laws causing frequent civil petitions to each government department every quarter since 2008 to November, 2011: 565 laws on the need for promoting civil complaint reduction measures discovered and provided →255 law and system improvements, 113 distribution of promotion materials and hosting brief sessions, 207 FAQs posted and homepage announcements
▶ In 2010, the ‘Weekly Report on People's Voice' was presented to each vice-minister and minister, which resulted in finding 666 cases of irrational system as well as 230 (34.5%) items or ideas considerable for policy alternatives (46 cases of institutional change, 27 cases of system improvements, etc.)

Example of improvement

Min-jung Kim (a fictitious name), 43, is a resident of Gumi in North Gyeongsang Province who had a chronic problem.: She lost the cargo truck that was in the name of her late husband, who had passed away in 2004. Even after his death, various taxes, including an auto tax, were charged to her because the registration of the cargo truck had not cancelled. Ms. Kim filed a petition in 2005, only to receive a response from the Gumi city government that it would continue to impose taxes under the current law unless she had applied for the cancellation of registration upon finding the cargo truck. Dissatisfied with the result, Ms. Kim filed another petition. At this time, the petition service was classified as a chronic one and was transferred to the Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission.
The Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission investigated the petition in depth and recommended that the Gumi city government relieve the auto taxes. Furthermore, the Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission made changes to applicable regulations to prevent the recurrence of similar cases. This outcome was possible because of the direct support from the People's Online Petition & Discussion Portal and persistent efforts by the Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission

Signed the MOU on Collaboration in Developing ‘e-People’ in Tunisia (2012.12)
                    Received an Excellence Award in the「 UN Public Service Awards 」(2011.6)
                    Operated an exhibition booth in the「CeBIT 2009」in Australia (2009.5)
                    Won the Top Prize in the exhibition part in the「 e-Challenge 2008 」(2008.10)
                    Selected as a leading example of the  IOI Asian Region (2006.10)
                    Top 10 in the 「 e-Government Competition 」in France (2006.10)