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How to file petition

In the e-People service, you can file a petition with the Korean Administrative Agencies in regard to the following matters:

  • Requests to explain or interpret administrative affairs - including laws, institutions and procedures - through inquiry or consulting
  • Suggestions on improving government policies or administration systems and their operations.
  • Requests to solve problems like administrative agencies unlawful acts, unfair or passive measures and unreasonable administrative systems, which infringe on peoples rights, cause difficulty or place unnecessary burden on people.
  • Require administrative agencies to take actions on other matters

The following people can file a petition to the [Multilingual Petition Service] of the e-People service.

  • Overseas Koreans
  • Foreigners living in Korea
How to Use

Access the homepage
  • Access our homepage(
Multilingual Petition Guide
  • Select the language.
  • Petition here in English 访请 Đăng ký bằng tiếng Việt ߬Ԭ ݬ їݬ ԬѬԬѬ Petition here in Nepali language Aplikasi dalam Bahasa Indonesia ขอสมัครเป็นภาษาไทย o'zbekcha ariza বাংলাভাষায় আবেদন Petition here in Cambodia Petition here in Sri Lanka ѬجլѬ߬ܬ ҬѬ֬߬ڬ ߬ ܬ Petition here in Myanmar
Check guide and download the form
  • Check the application method & procedure. (Current Page)
Submit a petition
  • Enter the petitioners name, nationality, address, e-mail and password
    when filing a petition.
    Enter information and attach a file by using the form downloaded.
    * Enter petitioners information in English.
    * Remember the name, e-mail and password used here to check your petition results.
Receive a petition
  • Your petition will be assigned to the most suitable organization
Handle a petition
  • The organization in charge will deal with your petition according to relevant laws. The staff in charge enters answers and sends the results to the e-mail entered
Check results
  • Check the answers from e-People service(
    * The name, e-mail and password entered is required to check the answers.
file petition
However, the following matters may not be considered as complaints.
  • If petitioners have made a legal contract with administrative agencies and request an administrative agency to take a certain action in direct connection with that legal contract.
  • If unclear or invalid personal information has been provided, like anonymity, false name and/or address in requesting an administrative agency to take a certain action.
  • If those who work for administrative agencies or public organizations request an administrative agency to take a certain action in regard to public affairs.
file petition
Refer to the following matters for your petition